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2021 Gold Winners Community Votes Kingston


Aqua Car Wash is Kingston’s first full service 120’ tunnel car wash packed with cutting edge technology and high-pressure sprayers which get the dirt off the car; consistently delivering clean, shiny cars using specially designed soft foam brushes and eco-friendly soaps. We also take great pride in offering a quick Hand Dry for all cars giving it our personal touch.

Aqua Car Wash provides customers with an all in one destination to go for all their car cleaning needs – cleaning the inside and outside of vehicles in less than 5 to 40 minutes. Like our tagline says Car Wash…Redefined! We are really – redefining car washing in Kingston.
Our commitment to you is to create a great car wash experience that our customers have never experienced before. We also consistently deliver a fast, friendly and reliable service to every customer that comes through our car wash.