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Community Fundraiser

Aqua Car Wash is environmentally responsible and supports its local community. We are happy to offer a partnership program to help local non-profits raise money and reduce parking lot car wash fundraisers which leads to water runoff to the down storm drains and polluting our lakes and rivers. When you opt for a professional car wash facility, you receive a safe, high-quality wash that will make your car shine.

Get approved to become an Aqua Car Wash partner

  • Only one partner is approved per quarter. There are no upfront out of pocket expenses.
  • Gift cards are easy to use. Sell Aqua Car Wash gift cards at face value and keep 30% of the profits!
  • You have 14 days to sell Aqua Gift Cards.
  • Return unsold gift cards at NO liability! Minimum quantity of 50 gift cards with an amount of up to $50 each applies.
  • Any non-profit organization, school, clubs, bands, choirs, church groups or community athletic teams can qualify for this program.
  • Vehicles are washed in an environmentally friendly way through our automatic car wash. Unlike the car wash fundraisers held in parking lots there is no risk of polluting our lakes and rivers by washing at an automated wash.
  • Get a clean car using environmentally friendly cleaning products. A typical hand washing uses 140 gallons of water compared to our usage of 30 gallons of water.

Download our fundraising agreement below and email to Once received, a fundraiser representative will follow-up.