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Car Wash Redefined

Kingston’s First Full Service 120’ Hybrid Car Wash with High-Tech Equipment

Why Choose Our Services

In & Out Fast

With Any Exterior Car Wash

15-40 Minutes

Express Interior Detailing

No Appointments

Needed For Express Exterior or Interior

Eco Friendly Products

Waiting Lounge

Complimentary WiFi


Great experience with Aqua Car Wash! We got our Addisons Restaurant 2011 Honda Pilot premium cleaned both inside and out! We were so impressed every nook & cranny was cleaned to perfection with hospital grade disinfectant. We just recently purchased our new Honda Pilot after having newborn twins 2 months ago. We have 3 kids and the car was in great need of a good detailing! 5 Star rating for Kingston Aqua Car Wash! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Super impressed with their quality, speed & efficiency! Excellent customer service & great prices for such high quality detailing. Thank you so much for everything. We will definitely be coming back for future seasonal detailing.

Dallas D

Great new addition to Kingston, owner is very attentive and detail oriented, staff work hard. Very clean and comfortable waiting area, great value for the price, try it! You will be impressed.

D Gouett

Cleaned -to sparkling- the wheel mags that haven't been so shiny since purchase. Thorough inside and outside cleaning. One hour well spent. Will be back in the fall for waxing and winter service. Well worth the cost. On time, and helpful. No muss nor fuss with the booking. No games or promos- just did what they said they would do.

M Smith

I was extremely impressed with the quality of service I received today. I drove in with an extremely dirty car. There was 5 years of dust built up inside. When I left it was totally clean and looked awesome. Very very happy.

M Silver

I got the treatment royale. I brought my Flex in. It has a black inside and I have a white dog that likes to shed. I told him do the best you can I dont expect miracles. I came back to a whole new car. AMAZING service, AMAZING work. Well worth the money when you see the amount of work they put in. Be sure to have cash on hand to tip. I will be back for sure.

K Pyle

2394 Princess Street,
Kingston, ON K7M 3G4

Monday – Saturday 8 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM
All Interior Services start at 8:30 AM and close 15 minutes prior to closing time. Last vehicle will be taken at 5:30 PM.


We are open everyday except
Closed on New Years Day, Family Day, Good Friday,
Victoria Day, Canada Day,
Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

Click On The Dots For Details

Underbody Spray

Removes road grime and corrosive winter salt.

Rain X

Creates beads of water. Great water repellency and dramatically improves driving visibility.

Triple Conditioner

The Triple Conditioner is a great product that helps prepare the surface of the vehicle for the final stage waxes.

Bug Prep

Removes stuck on bugs on windshield, side mirrors and front grill.

Tire Shine

Seals and protects the tires. Gives tires a brand new wet look.

Clear Coat Protectant

Protects and increases the life of clear coat on the vehicle's surface.

Rim & Tire

Protects against build up of brake dust with our new and advanced technology

Triple Polish

Prepares the surface of the vehicle by breaking up dirt and debris

Hot Lava Wax

Repels water and gives UV protection. Prevents road grime sticking to the car's surface with a shine finish.