Join The Wash Club on the NEW Aqua Car Wash app! Available on the App store and Google Play

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Benefits Of Joining

Membership Options


Premium Wash Club

5 Washes A MONTH

Hot Lava Wax

Tire Shine


Rust Inhibitor

Clear Coat Protection

High Pressure Rinse

Underbody Spray

Spot Free Rinse

Rim & Tire Clean

Triple Foam

Touchless Air Dry

Quick Hand Wipe

Deluxe Wash Club

5 Washes A MONTH

Underbody Spray

Rim & Tire Clean

Triple Foam

Spot Free Rinse

High Pressure rinse

Touchless Air Dry

Quick Hand Wipe

Basic Wash Club

5 Washes A MONTH

Soft Foam Wash


Touchless Air Dry

Quick Hand Dry

*Prices subject to change. Applicable taxes extra. Unused washes in the monthly plans do not carry over to next month.

How It Works


Download The Free App

Available to download on the app store and Google Play store


Signup To The Wash Club

Follow the prompts to register your phone


Choose A Wash Plan

Pick a plan that is right for you


Enjoy The Wash

Show your unique QR code on your mobile app to the attendant to activate the wash

Download the Mobile App Now


Text AQUA at 587-600-1212
to download our app

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Signup For Membership?

Simply download the app available on the Apple app store or Google Play store, select your plan of choice, register your vehicle details and provide payment information. You are ready to wash… it’s that simple!

How Many Vehicles Can I Register?

Only 1 vehicle per membership plan can be registered. Membership cannot be shared between multiple vehicles. If you have multiple vehicles, each vehicle must have its own membership plan.

How Many Washes Can I Redeem In A Month?

You can redeem up to 5 washes monthly.

Do Members Receive Any Discounts?

Yes, all members receive 10% off our express interior services every time until they are active members.

Can I Switch My Vehicle To A New Vehicle?

If a vehicle identified with a membership plan is sold, your Payment Method will continue to be charged until you deactivate it or transfer the membership plan to another vehicle by informing Aqua Car Wash.

Can I Use The Plan For My Commercial Vehicle?

Each purchased membership plan is for a single, personal, non-commercial vehicle only. Commercial vehicles, including ride-sharing vehicles, taxis, and limousines, are not eligible for the wash club membership. Resale or transfer of your membership plan to another vehicle is expressly prohibited. If you have a commercial vehicle, please contact for information about setting up a fleet account. For complete terms, refer to our terms and conditions.

When Will I Be Billed For Membership?

Your Wash Club membership, and any other charges you may incur in connection with your Wash Club membership plan, such as taxes and transaction fees, will be charged or debited monthly to your payment method on the day of month on which you signed up for the plan. The plan will auto renew itself every month until cancelled. If plan is not canceled through the app before next renewal, you will continue to incur monthly charges.

Do The Washes Carry Over To The Next Month If Not Used In The First Month?

If all washes are not used within the month, they do not carry over to the next month. Paid Wash Club membership plan fees are nonrefundable.

Can I Get A Refund?

Refunds or credits will not be issued for no usage or partially used membership plan periods.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes, upgrade is possible all through the app.

How Can I Cancel My Plan?

Once 3 months have lapsed, you can cancel the subscription plan anytime. YOU MUST CANCEL A MEMBERSHIP PLAN THRU THE APP AT LEAST 7 DAYS BEFORE IT RENEWS IN ORDER TO AVOID AUTOMATIC BILLING TO YOUR PAYMENT METHOD FOR THE APPLICABLE FEE FOR THE NEXT MONTHLY BILLING CYCLE. The vehicle identified with the canceled membership plan will continue to have access to the car wash services through the end of its current billing period.

Where Can I Find The Terms & Conditions Of Membership?