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No Appointments Needed

Our tunnel is fully equipped with top-of-the-line equipment using the latest and fastest technology










Add Ons To any package

  • Bug Prep


  • RainX


  • Hot Lava Wax


  • Machine Tire Shine


*Combine any 2 of the above for $8

Extra Hand dry


*Bugs, tar, grease, tree sap may require extra care for an additional cost.
*Truck beds must be empty of all debris & hitches must be removed prior to entering the wash

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Underbody Spray

Removes road grime and corrosive winter salt.

Rain X

Creates beads of water. Great water repellency and dramatically improves driving visibility.

Triple Conditioner

The Triple Conditioner is a great product that helps prepare the surface of the vehicle for the final stage waxes.

Bug Prep

Removes stuck on bugs on windshield, side mirrors and front grill.

Tire Shine

Seals and protects the tires. Gives tires a brand new wet look.

Clear Coat Protectant

Protects and increases the life of clear coat on the vehicle's surface.

Rim & Tire

Protects against build up of brake dust with our new and advanced technology

Triple Polish

Prepares the surface of the vehicle by breaking up dirt and debris

Hot Lava Wax

Repels water and gives UV protection. Prevents road grime sticking to the car's surface with a shine finish.