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How To Clean Snow Off Your Vehicle

  • For soft and fluffy snow, use a snow brush with plastic bristles to clear windows, hood and rooftop, followed by a light scrape with an ice scraper in case of ice accumulation on the windows and windshield only.
  • DO NOT USE ice scraper on the hood or rooftop of your vehicle as you can damage the vehicles paint. Glass is scratch resistant compared to the vehicles paint. Heavy snow may require clearing snow with a push broom or you risk damaging your vehicle.
    Never pour hot water on a car covered in ice. The rapid change in temperature can cause glass to crack or shatter. Don’t use a screwdriver or other sharp item to chip ice away which again can scratch or shatter the glass.
  • Clear snow off the vehicle’s roof before you clear the windows, and also brush the snow off the front hood and trunk before you head out. Leaving big clumps of snow on the rooftop could blow off while driving, obstructing your view or that of another driver which is a hazard. The end result would be a hefty fine.
  • Covering the hood, windshield, and hood of the car with a snow blanket can allow for easy removal by lifting the blanket away from the vehicle