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Touch vs. Touchless: Why Touch car wash comes out on top

Thorough Cleaning: Most Touch automatic car washes use brushes and soft foam that make direct contact with a vehicle’s surface, ensuring a more thorough clean unlike touchless systems which rely solely on high-pressure water and chemicals. The physical contact of the brushes helps to dislodge stubborn dirt and grime, leaving your car sparkling clean.

Gentle on Paint: Contrary to popular belief, the brushes used in modern touch automatic car washes are designed to be gentle on your car’s paint. Nowadays, they are made from soft materials that won’t scratch or damage the surface, ensuring a safe and effective wash every time.

Effective on Contaminants: Touch car washes are better at removing contaminants which can be difficult to remove with just water and chemicals. The brushes along with lubricants help in scrubbing away stubborn substances, leaving the car looking spotless.

Faster Wash Times: Touch car washes are much faster than touchless systems, where in bay touchless automatics spend at least 5 minutes per car to wash. Whereas a Touch tunnel wash has a capacity to wash as many as 80-100 cars per hour. This means spending less time waiting in line and more time enjoying your clean car!

Cost Effective: While Touch automatic car washes provide a better value for money due to their superior cleaning capabilities.

To achieve a thorough, gentle and effective clean, touch automatic car washes are the clear winner. So next time you are looking to get a car wash for your vehicle, consider opting for a touch automatic car wash for the best results.